Letter to the Editor: Response to David Keith’s Opinion

Reference to original New York Times October 1 Opinion

The following letter is in response to the Opinion posted a few days ago.

Dear Editor,

If you can remember “Houston, we have a problem,” it is time to start shouting “Mother Earth, we have a conundrum!” We have several do or die remedies for our predicament, but politicians, scientists and activists emphasize only one: decarbonization that relies on energy efficiency and renewable energy. 

Unfortunately, difficult realities and decisions confront us.  Geoengineering and removal of carbon from the atmosphere are suggested to be both mutually exclusive and complementary emergency remedies in David Keith’s October 1 NY Times Opinion.  I agree with the latter: i.e., both are necessary.

Some fear a “milky-white sky” while humanity’s very existence hangs in the balance if we don’t face what has become obvious, that an interim emergency tourniquet or CPR-type intervention is needed to avert our demise until long term prescriptions take effect to restore a vibrant healthy Mother Earth.

Reducing emissions and removing legacy emissions will not rescue us from the climate emergency.  The transition to climate stability will not be completed for at least several decades without geoengineering. 



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