I have been inspired by Barrister Polly Higgins’ http://EradicatingEcocide.com and her http://EradicatingEcocide.com/Who-is-Charles-Grant campaign.

We need to find several industrial insiders to step up and be the Charles Grants of the 21st Century. Serendipitously, while considering Keystone XL and other pipelines’ relentless pursuit of consumers, or rather the tyrannical insatiable demands of the billion-dollar refineries for stable feed stocks, it occurred to me that the Tyrannosaurus Rex-fineries are slave masters to the petroleum company CEOs.

CEOs must keep the capital investment in refineries operating at peak capacity to maximize returns. Effecting emission reductions intended by a carbon-fee, concomitant reduction in capacity will result. Pollution fees will spur investment in carbon-free energy technology, but so will capacity reductions.

Chicken and egg conundrum: which comes first and which follows? Why not a synergistic PUSH-and-PULL?

Having common ground with Eagle Scout Rex Tillerson (both our fathers and sons are also Eagle Scouts) and having Exxon in common (I hired on to Humble Oil in 1970 and Tillerson hired on to Exxon in 1975), we must have fundamental values that are common from our Scouting experience, but the Corporate ladder has distorted Tillerson’s which have morphed into a Corporate profit paradigm which rationalizes the continuation of the century-old combustion of the finite coal, oil and gas resources deposited over 350 million years (400 million to 50 million years ago) which we are putting back into the atmosphere a million times faster than nature sequestered CO2 into the ground and buried with sediments and lava.

Rex Tillerson has the unique opportunity to denounce the ecocide that humanity’s burning of fossil fuels is causing to our habitat, our species and all other species which are subject to extinction.

It is a matter of identifying the values within Rex Tillerson’s heart and giving him the compelling reason to take bold courageous and moral action. I intend to do that in a loving, not hateful, way.


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  1. Martin Lack says:

    Hi Doug. I have found your site via Chirsitine’s 350orbust and was intrigued because you look like another Doug I know in Perth Western Australia (who is an evangelical Christian and [thus ideologically-driven] fake sceptic). I would like to wish you all the best with the new blog but would recommend you come up with a Tagline to replace the WP default (at top-right of the screen on your blog)… When you have thought of one, go to Settings/General and type it in the second box…



  2. John Tremain says:

    Drill here. Drill now. All of this eco-friendly/green movement stuff is a waste of time and is based on nothing more than self-importance. Silly.

  3. John Tremain says:


  4. sagerad says:

    Much respect for what you’re doing, Doug, and how you’re doing it. You may be as effective as all of 350.org for all we know. I suggest that we need a carbon tax as soon as possible, to lower emissions while enabling the economy to transition to a cleaner one, with plenty of jobs in the right sectors. Revenue from a carbon tax can offset employment taxes, thereby helping job growth while reducing total emissions.

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