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NEW IMPROVED! Temperature Trends and Targets

Adjusted for Dr. James E. Hansen et al. December 13, 2022 preprint for peer review: “Global warming in the pipeline” (equilibrium temperature 10°C) Download the US version (PDF) Download the UK version (PDF) ________________ ________________ Temperature Trends and Targets … Continue reading

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Don’t Rule out Enhanced Oil Recovery in Carbon Dioxide Policymaking

Read the article below, following my commentary My response to the google group discussion where the article was posted: Polluters Pay for “Final Expenses” and Carbon Dioxide Removal Using Enhanced Oil Recovery CO2 Injection I have a contrarian view that … Continue reading

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A Metaphor for the Predicament We Are In

🙄 If you’ve painted yourself into a corner and discover it’s toxic lead-based paint, one option is to let the paint dry and turn a blind eye to the deferred dangers—or remove the toxic mess and dispose it responsibly. As … Continue reading

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Book review: Greta Thunberg tells it like it is in “The Climate Book”

The 20-year-old climate activist has put together a reading list for determined citizens willing to mobilize for a just and sustainable future. (Photo credit: Stefan MĂĽller / CC BY 2.0) Link to Yale Climate Connections article by MICHAEL SVOBODA | FEBRUARY 21, … Continue reading

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