A Metaphor for the Predicament We Are In


If you’ve painted yourself into a corner and discover it’s toxic lead-based paint, one option is to let the paint dry and turn a blind eye to the deferred dangers—or remove the toxic mess and dispose it responsibly.

As long as the toxic substance remains, people who must occupy the room will be exposed, getting progressively sicker and sicker.

This is a metaphor for CO2 and CH4 in our only global atmospheric and oceanic habitats.

#CoolTheArctic #RemoveCO2 #RemoveCH4

#Decarbonize #RetireRefineries #DriveOutOil

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What the advisers don’t understand is that we’ve painted ourselves into a corner. They can only think to paint—at an arm’s reach—layers of different colors, but the answer is to un-paint the entire floor to reveal the exposed dry floor boards.

But the oxygen in the room is declining! To buy time to un-paint it we need an oxygen tank to keep us from perishing while we un-paint the floor in order to open the door for fresh air, precious oxygen.

#CoolTheArctic #RemoveCO2 #RemoveCH4 #Decarbonize #RetireRefineries #DriveOutOil


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