8/8/2012 IEA Bombshell

This image of Joe Romm’s piece in ThinkProgress.org was sent as an attachment to my letter to Rex Tillerson dated August 8, 2012, to make a point that even the International Energy Association is saying that something concrete must be done for the sake of humanity, as compared to Rex Tillerson stating at the Council on Foreign Affairs Q & A “we’ll adapt to that” relating to several examples of deleterious effects of global climate change.


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1 Response to 8/8/2012 IEA Bombshell

  1. Martin Lack says:

    Excellent stuff Doug. Although I am familiar with the IEA (repeatedly citing their World Energy Outlook 2011 Press Release on my blog), I had missed this announcement. So a big “Thank you” for that; and for following my blog.

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