Letter to Rex 9/22/2012

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2 Responses to Letter to Rex 9/22/2012

  1. Martin Lack says:

    Doug, as someone else who writes a lot of emails to public figures, I am in awe of your tenacity and persistence with Tillerson. Have you had any replies?

    • doug350 says:

      Hey Martin. I’ve received only one reply from ExxonMobil’s Manager of Corporate Citizenship and Community Investments CC & CI) … in response to my very first letter, explaining that Rex could not meet with me while I was visiting my son in Austin mid-May, congratulating me on my retirement and wishing me much success.
      I know this could take a while, but my objective is eventually to open Rex’s eyes and heart to the inevitability of beginning the transition (dismantling the hydrocarbon infrastructure while expanding carbon-free energy technology — definitely could take a while!
      But I am convinced that Rex is the key, so I will keep at it while I do other assorted actions. Soon, Rex will have grand children, or if he has one or two already, soon they will be little people who will touch his heart. Same for Larry Harlan, his Manager of CC & CI who is now 55 (Rex just turned 60). How will they look into their progeny’s eye and explain … they must have a morality that will guide them to take the first step.

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