The New Climate War: A Conversation with Dr. Michael E. Mann

Michael Mann totally dismisses the methane release from subsea thawing permafrost which many scientist fear will become “runaway,” stating that methane concentrations are primarily identified as being associate with natural gas extraction, and that methane concentrations increase and decline naturally. He also strongly endorses carbon fee legislation, blocking fossil fuel expansion and subsidies to the industry along with other efficiencies to decarbonize society—fundamental to his world view is that reducing emissions will quickly stabilize atmospheric CO2 concentration with ocean warming inertia being offset by ocean and biosphere continued absorption of CO2, in a few years. He never mentions the urgency to cool and refreeze the Arctic to restore ice cap albedo and and curtail Greenland ice sheet melting, nor AMOC. He makes no differentiation between global and local Arctic geo-engineering … both are lumped together in his mind, apparently.THESE BELIEFS RUN CONTRARY TO SCIENTIST WHO I AM COLLABORATING WITH. These are topics for urgent resolution. (This transcript is Q&A from 46:00 – 54:00)


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